My name’s John and I’m quite a bored 20 year old with far too much time on his hands in between terms at uni. So I’ve gone and done what all 20 year olds with too much time on their hands do and created an account on some form of social media site. I chose Tumblr because I actually wanted to do something with my time rather than randomly picking people and stalking them to rather scary levels, and thought blogging might be the way forward. To this end I’ve decided to review every little thing I can get my hands on: Music, Tv and Film, Books, Games, Real Life (I know that’s a scary concept to many on the internet so I’ll be as gentle as I can)… You name it and I’ll give it a go and report back on how it was. I quite like watching/reading/playing/living so I’m hoping this may be something I’m actually not too bad at, but we’ll see…

Anyway, that’s me and what I’m here for. Guess the best way to get moving is to actually start. Hope you have fun reading anything you decide to read, and that I don’t bore you all to tears/piss you off by slating something you love.

Ciao for now



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