Game of Thrones (TV)


In light of the upcoming third season I thought this might be a nice show to review. And I really enjoy it so I get to be nice about something, which I enjoy. Game of Thrones is fantastic! There’s very little about it that I don’t like, it’s gritty, interesting and occasionally shocking. I love how there are multiple ‘main’ characters, and how quickly we realise just who we’re going to love and who we can’t stand. This I think is down to brilliant directing and production, as well as the fantastic acting from all involved.

Set in a mystical world of grand Houses and age old Families, with quite a few parallels to the medieval world, Game of Thrones is an awesome tale of power, political struggle and personal strife. It gets the balance of tense, brutal and occasionally shocking scenes exactly right, with not too many to make it ridiculous and implausible, but not too few to let it become boring at any point.

The characters are deep and believable, and each of them has a role in the show and the advancement of (at least) one of the myriad of sub-plots present. Having read (most of) the books I can see that the characters have, for the most part, been painted truly to those created by George R. R. Martin, which is a very, very, good thing. He portrayed the characters so well in the books, so vividly and intensely that anything less than perfection would have been a letdown. Thankfully, what we see is perfection, and that is in no way a letdown.

Right from the beginning the plot is thrilling. Twists and turns around every corner, different storylines playing out at the same time as one another, and truly engaging characters. The skilful production means that at no point does it get too confusing, even with the different sub-plots going on, which is certainly a key point. It would have been all too easy for the show to go too far, to become mixed up and disengaging. Thankfully this has been well avoided and the outcome is potentially the most addictive and exciting piece of TV to have been made. Ever.

Game of Thrones is a televisual masterpiece, and definitely worth a watch to any and all. It’s a rich show with plots that are both exciting and engaging, and it had me obsessed from the very beginning. I can’t remember the last time I anticipated the next season of a programme as much as I’ve looked forward to the upcoming third instalment of this show, which I think is some of the highest praise I could give. If you like shows that are fast paced, clever and a bit raunchy in places, this one is for you. Put it at the top of your to-watch list, For The Night is Dark and Full of Terrors.

Overall Rating: 9/10

See the trailer for the next season of GoT here

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