The Twilight Saga


I realise no matter what I say here, I’m going to end up with a few enemies, so I guess I’m just going to have to bite my lip and plough on through… Twilight. The name is enough to drive some (generally teenage girls) wild with ‘Jacob-fever’ or to do the exact opposite (weirdly enough generally to teenage boys) and really annoy people.

I’ll start by saying that I didn’t want to like the series (or saga as it styles itself). And for the first film or two I succeeded. But then I failed. I actually began to get into it, and once I did I was completely hooked. The first two films are a bit slow, granted, they’re a bit dull and dreary and feel like a bit of a hormone-fest for the lead character Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart). Looking back they don’t seem as bad as I remember finding them at the time, but I think that’s more of a perception change on my end rather than the films actually being much good. Once we move onto Eclipse (the third film in the series  things begin to change very quickly. The series seems to become less of a teenage girl inner monologue of how awful her life is, and develops into something which is actually very enjoyable with action and genuine excitement. Of course there are still parts with Bella moaning to the audience about how Edward (Robert Pattinson) hasn’t done the washing up or something equally ridiculous, but these are overshadowed by the bits which show a much greater depth to the story and a quite engaging plot. By the time we get to the final two films (which are created from the same book, split in two) the story’s really getting going and it even gets quite intense (and slightly weird/gory) at points. There were even parts where I felt some oddly deep emotion. I didn’t cry though… Promise.

The acting from most of the cast is pretty diabolical in the first film. Not to sound too much like one of these people who spend all their time on the internet (Honestly I’m not) but Kristen Stewart really does have one facial expression. And it looks slightly bored. As I must have done while I was watching. Overall it does improve greatly though the saga, and by the last part it’s pretty decent, and Bella has obviously been shown something rather exciting and decided to let her face show it.

A lot of the CGI is very well done, but there is one person/object/thing (no spoilers) in the last film which may be the least realistic looking person/object/thing any film has ever contained. Parts of it seem to move independently of the rest. Which they certainly shouldn’t be doing.

In conclusion, the Twilight saga is definitely a series of contrast. Contrast not only in that it starts pretty terribly and transforms into something almost brilliant, but in that it so perfectly splits opinion. It’s the Marmite of the movie series world. The ones who love it, really love it, and the ones who hate it… Well let’s just say some of the posts I’ve seen on the internet were not the most complimentary. Even the people who love it are split! Edward or Jacob… Ex- Wizard turned vampire or six-pack wielding Werewolf? Difficult choice. Think I’m still Team Potter though.

Overall Rating: 6/10



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