The Black Magician Trilogy – Trudi Canavan


This is potentially my favourite book series ever. There’s that little bit of information out of the way, now onto the review I think…

The books start as they mean to go on. Quite gritty, quite quick and just a little bit engrossing. From the moment I started reading The Magicians Guild I was hooked, and I stayed hooked right through until the end of The High Lord (which is amazing by the way). I loved the way each of the main characters has their own stream of chapters, perfectly spaced from one another, and how at the end of each book all the threads come together to form an absolutely amazing woolly jumper (I went a bit too far with that metaphor didn’t I?). Trudi Canavan has written perfectly, and the series is thrilling from start to finish.

I know I’m raving about this book, but there’s good reason to! I can barely bring myself to find any fault with it. Maybe there are occasional bits where the books aren’t as un-putdownable as others, but that’s to be expected with any book, and certainly with a whole series. For me the excitement grew with each page, and the climaxes of all the books were, in my view, fantastic. The later books in the series build perfectly on the ones from the beginning, and the end of the series comes with great anticipation and intensity.

The only fault I can find with The Black Magician Trilogy is that occasionally one or two of the auxiliary characters is slightly forgotten, only to be brought back in later in the story. These characters are generally accounted for in their absence, but more development of their stories may have created an even more well rounded universe for the books to be set in. But I’ll be clear, this is barely even a concern. While reading the books I didn’t notice this at all, only on reflection (and upon looking for a bit of a fault so I have something to write about here) did I even think of it.

The Black Magician Trilogy is an exciting, entertaining and engaging read, with a brilliant plot, believable characters and quite a few rather strong statements about the real world (ranging from how poor people are treated, to bullying in schools). I loved these books, and I would never hesitate in recommending them to anyone of any age. They’re accessible, easy to read and unbelievably engrossing. It’s like magic.

Overall Rating: 9/10 (Nothing gets a 10, I’m like the Richter Scale)

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