Demon Days – The Gorillaz


What amazes me about this album is how it manages to be simultaneously chilled and intense. If you just fancy having a bit of music on in the background it can be that, but it’s adaptable even to situations when you want something you can actually focus on and appreciate. I’ve said before that I’m not an expert on music, and I’m only just putting my feelers out there for new genres, but I really enjoyed experiencing the Gorillaz album (even if the misspelling of that word does make me cringe slightly) and having a look at a kind of music I rarely if ever encounter.

The first track is just an intro piece, which I found quite useful actually! Not being too sure what this album was all about when it was suggested to me, the intro quickly sorted out the gaps in my knowledge. Moving on from the intro we get consistently good tracks, and the album flows very well from one track to the next, to the point that in one case I actually didn’t even notice the transition (which is slightly worrying, maybe).

One of the most stand out things about Demon Days is that it’s incredibly well put together. All of the tracks know what they’re about and they deliver what we come to expect as we move through the album. I can only imagine that people who are really intensely into this kind of music will really love sitting and appreciating the different tracks too, because I have no doubt that they’re paragons of the music genre. Some of the songs are quite frankly amazing, and some are even slightly more upbeat than the general song from the album (‘Feel Good Inc’) . I really enjoyed getting to know more of this genre of music through the Gorillaz. The narrative song ‘Fire Coming Out of The Monkey’s Head’ is brilliant, I must’ve listened to it about 10 times since this morning!

Unfortunately there were some bits that I didn’t like quite so much. The album is well put together, but I can’t help but think that that’s partly due to a lot of the tracks seeming quite similar, and large amounts of repetition within some of the songs. The chilled out theme throughout the album can get a bit dull, especially for someone like me, a self confessed music novice. Though I think it’s a good album for some occasions, I certainly wouldn’t listen to it if I was trying to energise myself.

Overall this is a good album. Not excellent, but not poor. It fulfils its purpose and gives us a chilled out playlist to listen to when we’re in the mood. Definitely worth a listen if you know/think it’s your kind of thing, but I’d be wary if I was looking for something slightly upbeat to listen to. This is all assuming that you can get past the ridiculous way of spelling Gorillas in the first place. I’m sure you can if you try hard enough.

Overall Rating:    6/10

Best Bits: ‘Fire Coming Out of The Monkey’s Head’ and ‘Feel Good Inc’

Check out the Gorillaz at:

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