Bad Blood – Bastille 2013

Absolutely fantastic. I could basically leave this review there and be perfectly happy that I’d got across my main thoughts on this album.

Having only recently been introduced to Bastille and indeed any kind of music other than the stuff blasted down our ears by the people on the radio, I may not be the best person to ask about music, but what I do know is that this is one seriously talented band. I can only give my opinion of course, but if it counted for anything these guys would be showered with praise from every angle.

The starting track sets the bar exceptionally high for the rest of the album, but the quality is amazing throughout, and Pompeii is matched by every other track, and potentially exceeded by some of the live/Abbey Road stuff later on. The album itself makes great listening in almost every situation I’ve come across and I’ve had them on almost constantly since Bad Blood came out. While working in the library; getting ready for a night out; stressing over impending exams… Anyone who could see my Spotify history for the last few weeks would see exactly what I mean.

Even though some of the lyrics can be quite repetitive sometimes (especially in ‘Overjoyed’) personally I just see this as a more of a good thing. The albums diversity could be questioned however, and some of the songs do seem relatively similar, if not in lyrics then in style. Again, I don’t think this small criticism is anywhere near enough to mark the glowing recommendation I’d give them.

As a person with a (so far) stunted reach into the musical world, I’ve found this album to be extraordinary. It’s opened my eyes to a whole new genre of music, and excited me to find new bands. Considering the band itself was only formed 3 years ago, it’s amazing to see what they’ve already achieved, and even better to listen to the fruits of their labour. I can’t wait to see what kind of stuff they continue to make, I have no doubt it’ll be enough to relieve anyone’s Weight of Living.

Favourite Track:   Icarus

Overall Rating:   9/10

Check Bastille’s YouTube out here:

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